Base DefenseEdit

  • Base Defense cannot exceed 5. - This is a clarification not a house rule.

G-Dice and raising MA/RAEdit

  • You cannot directly raise Melee Attack or Ranged Attack with G-dice. You can raise SPEW attribute stats which indirectly raise MA/RA - This is not a house rule this is a clarification.

Character MovementEdit

  • Round to the nearest foot when determining movement speeds.

Vehicle RulesEdit

  • Vee is reduced to .5 per cylinder for vehicles built after 1995 and 1/4 total Vee for hybrids built after 2000.
  • Passenger seat space is increased to 6 CU per passenger spot given up to cargo space.
  • All vehicles have Overload (2x) by default. Vehicles that had Overload have their rating doubled.  2x becomes 4x, 4x becomes 8x. (this is already factored into the wiki vechile state blocks)
  • Fuel is now based on gallons. Vehicle Fuel capacity = vehicles fuel tank capacity in gallons / (City + Highway / 2). ( A vehcile with an 18gallon tank and 14/24mpg = 18/19mpg)
  • Fuel use in vehicles is based on the Average MPG of the specific vehicle and the distance traveled. City + Highway / 2. ( 14/24 - 19mpg)
  • Miles traveled will be tracked via google maps and rounded to the nearest mile per trip.
  • Boats have very bad MPG which depends greately on speed traveled vs miles traveled. The sweet spot for fuel conservation is roughly 40% of top speed.


  • Small caliber rifles have a CU of 2 not 3
  • Carbine rifles have a CU of 2 not 3
  • CU on Small Rifle Ammo is the same as Small Pistol Ammo 500rnds = 1 CU
  • CU on ALL AMMO is reduced by 75% (1CU = .25CU)
  • Magazines and clips are 0 CU as long as they are loaded. Unloaded Magazines + clips are 1CU Per 5


  • Light and Medium clothes are 0 CU when worn - This is not a house rule this is a clarification.
  • Running Shoes, hiking boots, combat boots are 0 CU when worn - This is not a house rule this is a clarification.
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